Poem: Fraud in Nigeria

Upon reading this news report, I didn’t understand why Nigeria is so corrupt… but I have hope that as long as Jesus continues to raise up His People to stand against injustice, there is a fighting chance. Ultimately, one day, Jesus, the Perfect Judge, will turn all things to right. I wrote this poem to express my frustration, but also to look to hope.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”
(Proverbs 31:8, NIV)

“Fraud in Nigeria” by Annalee Hoover

Fraud in Nigeria.
Sometimes I do not understand the papers,
the time which we are living in,
what it all means.

No, not
“fake news.”
It is the real news,
the real-to-life memories
that keep me from sleeping.

Why are terrorists
still striking terror
into the hearts of little ones,
of those without the ability
to be heard?!
I type angrily.

Why are those who take money
just now being prosecuted?
“Mama Boko Haram”–
Why was she not locked up
long ago?

It’s these things,
real things,
that keep me up at night.
But You, Oh Lord,
You give me rest…
You promise to shut my eyes:
not to reality, but to fear.

white box

Open our eyes to see the lost,
the disadvantaged,
the marginalized,
and to open our mouths against oppression,

Fraud in Nigeria.
One day, it simply will not be.
Until then, keep me near to Your Heart,
Oh Lord, and help me and Other Believers
to pray, and
to provide protection and support to those people
without either.

© 2020 Annalee Hoover



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