Nigeria and COVID-19

Hello Friends & Readers,

I thought it would be remiss if I didn’t speak about the current situation of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

As of today, there are 12 cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria, with the latest four being in Nigeria’s capitol of Lagos. With cases on the rise, doctors have been on strike, demanding their pay for helping those who have COVID-19. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to pinpoint how cases are spreading, saying that they have their eyes on 1,300 people. “The number is growing,” says Abayomi, Lagos’ Commissioner for Health (source).

They have worked with the Ebola outbreak of a couple of years ago, but as this whole article from The New Humanitarian states, COVID-19 is a different animal.

Healthcare workers in Nigeria during the Ebola outbreak. Courtesy of TIME Magazine

In light of this, there are three things I want to focus prayer on this week: Those who are infected in Nigeria, those who are at risk of getting COVID-19 in Nigeria, and that those who are on the frontlines, dealing with COVID-19 cases, such as the doctors on strike. I want to just cover Nigeria in prayer, that they would be wise, would have Christ’s guidance, and that COVID-19 would not spread in huge ways.

This virus truly is affecting everyone, everywhere, in some shape or form. But Jesus is still on the throne! Let’s lift Nigeria to Him, now.

Do you know Jesus?

Nothing comes as a surprise to God. Jesus, who is God, came to die for this world, full of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual brokenness. Learn more about this God, who Loves you SO much, here.

Please pray for (you can find the prayer sheet here):

Thank you for your prayers!




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