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What to Wear? | 6 Years Later

Today is the 6-Year Anniversary of the Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping that took place in Chibok, in Northern Nigeria. This poem is dedicated to them– free and captive.

head coverings,
black and restrictive.

There are so many of you,
and I see your eyes: concerned,
scared, hopeless.

chibok girls
The initial screenshot taken of the video of the kidnapped Chibok school girls. 

Six years later,
more than half of you are free!
free to dress in the wildest of colors,
free to become doctors,
wives and mothers
to men who will not force you.

But where are the others?
Can you tell us? Have you promised yourself
to never again replay in your mind
what happened there?
It is a miracle that you came out of there at all.

crazy colors.jpg
Some freed Chibok girls reunite with their parents and loved ones. 

Broken, small. Your heartbeat racing.
They may not be chasing
you anymore,
but your memories do,
and it’s enough to make you scream.

Where are the others?
Do we even care anymore?
I mean, honestly,
what is being done
to free the Chibok schoolgirls?

Please answer me.
It has been way too long
and I’m sick of singing this song–
but I will still sing it, nonetheless.
May they be found, freed,
put on the robe of healing,
and put on beautiful joy as their dress.

© 2020 Annalee Hoover

Do you know Jesus?
Jesus Christ came to earth over 2,000 years ago to do what we could not do: have eternal life. Learn more about what He did for you and for me, here.

Please pray for…
 The Chibok girls who are still held captive.
– For their loved ones, who miss them terribly.
– For the freed Chibok girls, who are still healing,
– For an end to Boko Haram.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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