Loving One Another & the Black Lives Matter Movement

Today, I had old friends who protested the death of George Floyd and the cause of Black Lives Matter.

I was invited, but as a young white woman, I felt intimidated by all of the different things they were asking of us in the protest: to stay silent while those who were black started the chants, to protect them from police, etc. I wanted to do something more for my black brothers and sisters, but don’t want to get swept up in a riot, or step out of line during a protest. This is such a complex and passionate problem, I feel like I am walking on eggshells with it.

There is one thing I know: Jesus told us to Love one another, especially those who are our brothers and sisters (Mark 12:31; Galatians 6:10). What does this mean? To love the person in front of me, no matter the boxes society may put us in. 

Pre-born babies,


There is no person that God did not both create and Love. Because of this, there is no person who does not deserve dignity, love, compassion, and kindness. But only Jesus can give us hearts that genuinely love one another.


Please remember this the next time you see a person who is different than you. Love the person in front of you with the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Spirit for help in this, and He is sure to help. ❤

With Love in Christ,


Do you know Jesus?

Jesus died for ALL people. Learn more about Him, and all He has done, here.

Please pray for (Find the prayer sheet for it, here)

– Those who are mourning George Floyd.
– That those who are protesting would keep it as a peaceful protest.
– That more people would come to Jesus, and be changed by His Love. 

Jesus is still Lord. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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