Pray, Listen, and Act

Pray. Listen. Act.

That was one thing my pastor said today. I wanted to challenge you guys: what is Jesus telling you to do? Pray for His guidance, listen for His Voice, and act on what He has told you to do.

I understand that this is much more easily said than done. But if you ask God to give you the Holy Spirit, He will not fail to give Him to you (Luke 11:13). This does not mean you start barking like a dog or any other wacky perversions of what some people call “the Holy Spirit,” but it does mean that He will lead and guide you– if you give Him the time to speak to you through His Word.

Leave it in the comments– what are you praying about? What is God saying? How will you act?

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus always pleased the Father. He is the spotless lamb, God in Human flesh who came to save the world. Learn more about Jesus here.

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