Prayers for Lebanon

It’s happened. At least 137 people are dead, “5,000 are injured, and hundreds of thousands [are] homeless” (source). The blast in Lebanon, blowing up buildings full of potassium nitrate, has affected countless people.

Buildings lie in ruins. Infrastructure is gone.

The lives of hundreds of thousands is changed forever—for the worst.

People cry out. Do we hear them?

These people are not just in need of physical help; their biggest need is ultimately to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It reminds me of Matthew 26:11, when Jesus tells His Disciples that it is far more important to know and worship Him than it is to always merely focus on the physical needs of the poor: “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”

Please pray with me over those who are suffering in Lebanon, just as Jeremiah did when he watched his city go up in smoke in the book of Lamentations. They need Jesus, and they need aid; Though they may be far away, they are a heartbroken people right now.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for mending broken hearts. We lift high those in Lebanon going through such deep pain and anguish, and have had their lives completely changed by this blast. We ask that they would run to You, and would trust in You as their Lord and Savior. Please mend the hearts and minds of those suffering, as well as their bodies. We lift them high to You now.
In Your Name we pray, Amen.”

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus’ Heart breaks for the war and evil going on in this world… but it won’t go on forever. Learn more about Jesus and why He came to earth, and what He will do, here.

Find a prayer sheet to journal your prayers for Lebanon here.

Want to help? Read this article from the New York Times for a list of nonprofits that are helping right now. 

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