An Uproar in Nigeria

There has been much rioting and violence within the US, but there has been a lot of rioting outside of the US, specifically in Nigeria. The SARS—the “Special Anti-Robbery Squad”— has abused citizens, causing an uproar of rioting from citizens everywhere.

We know that satan is behind this; he is of confusion, strife, and chaos. Therefore, our best weapon in such attacks are prayer.

The USA is not the only place where wayward officers are causing widespread anger and retaliation, unfortunately. Why this is more worldwide, I have no idea; but this chaos and injustice must end, all over. Please pray with me over the whole of Nigeria and their need for peace and order.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Please end this chaos and confusion for once and for all. All over, it seems like fires are breaking out, in forests and in hearts against one another. Please bring these people to You, and bring order and peace throughout the world, especially in the US and Nigeria. It is in Your Name we pray, amen.”

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and He came to save us from our sin debt– a debt we ourselves never could pay. Learn more about Him and His work on the cross, here.

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