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The Moral Failing of Carl Lentz

I come to you with a heavy heart tonight. I have learned about the recent accusations made toward one of Hillsong Church’s former pastors, Carl Lentz. Apparently, this man was fired by Hillsong’s lead pastor, Brian Houston, after “leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures” (source). Laura Lentz, his wife, was also on Hillsong staff and was fired.

This tugs on my heart so much. Moral failure and disobedience toward Christ has now deeply hurt Lentz’ family, as well as his church family. Guys, the world is coming to an end; things will only get more and more dark. But instead of gossiping and shaming Lentz for his sins, we need to be lifting up this man and his family—who are supposed to be the most important people in his life.

We need to be lifting up this man and his family.

My heart is heavy, but I know that we can give this to Christ. Please pray with me for this man and his family.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
It hurts my heart to see such destruction happen after such a moral failing. It reminds us that we MUST stay close to You as the world gets darker and darker, its morality becoming darker and darker by the minute. Please bring Carl and Laura closer to You through this experience, and repair the wreckage that has been done. Heal his family, Jesus, and bring about restoration where the enemy meant death and destruction. We give this family to You now.
In Your Precious Name we pray,

Let’s continue to pray over Hillsong, the Houston family, and everyone involved in this ministry. May Jesus uncover all that is in the dark, and bring all sin and evil to light, as only He can do.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus Christ died for all people, to forgive the world’s sins (1 John 2:2). Learn more about His completely free offering of salvation and eternal life here.

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