Making Christmas Bright: Hope for Nigeria during Christmas

Christmas time is a very cheery time– or, at least, it should be. Unfortunately, Fulani herdsmen are slaughtering Christian men, women, and children, and Christmas is not keeping them from it; it is, in fact, encouraging them all the more.

First Boko Haram, and now Fulani Herdsmen? When will this suffering cease?

As I ask myself this question, I remember the circumstances Jesus was under. King Herod, hearing of this Baby-King, put out an order to slaughter every boy aged 2 and under in attempts to kill Jesus. I can only imagine the frenzy, the suffering, and the desperation felt by these innocent families under King Herod’s rule.

Jesus is not foreign to such evil and suffering. Instead, He planted Himself right in the center of human suffering, becoming a man who would one day die on the cross.

So, as I sit here with a heavy heart, I remember Jesus– the One called “God With Us.” While suffering may increase or keep on over this sacred holiday for those in Abuja, Nigeria, we can turn to Christ for encouragement, comfort, guidance, and peace. That is the only thing making any Christmas “merry” for those caught in the Fulani Herdsmen’s crossfire.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus is not afraid of your mess. Instead, He invites you into His Arms, and leaves a seat at His Table for you. Learn more about this amazing, loving God, here.

Please pray for

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