Prayers for the Nashville Christmas Day Bombing

The world seems to be getting worse and worse. On Christmas Day, an RV was bombed in Nashville, Tennessee by a man in his sixties. It injured at least three people, and killed the terrorist (source).

This naturally breaks our hearts– and all we can do is pray fervently. So, let’s lift up those who have been so affected by the bombing.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
We come to You with heavy hearts today, as we have learned about this atrocious terror attack. Dear Jesus, please comfort those who have been scarred physically, mentally, and spiritually as they are left reeling after this attack. Bring terrorists like this man to know You, and bring them to justice and repentance. We give this whole situation to You; show us how we can lift up and support these hurting people.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

God gave us freewill to do whatever we want. But He wants our hearts; He wants us to come to know Him personally.
Learn more about Jesus here.

Please pray for…

  • Those who do not know Jesus who need to know Him.
  • Those with loved ones who were hurt in the attack.

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