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I am


Much has caused me
to shiver like a leaf
in the cold winter wind.

Things like
his shattered legacy,
My mother’s health,
And the uproar that happened,
perpetrated by those stuck in rage
and a need for bloodshed.

These things will crush me,
won’t they?
I am teetering,

Then He says to me:
“Look, child.

Not a strand of your hair
passes through my fingers

Not a tear dropped
is left outside my bottle,

and not a thing you do
or say
will ever take
My Presence
away from you.
Am I not
I AM?”

In a rush of emotion,
I proclaim it:
Jesus, You
are where my help comes from.
My safe place. My Best Friend.
Your Warmth removes the cold shaking,
Your Promises
and faithfulness
fill my cup.

I love You, Lord.
In Your Arms,
I am unshaken.
No matter the outcome,
You are my God.

As I ponder these things, something happens:
the shaking
is replaced
by a smile,
fear replaced with a joy
that is bursting at the seams.

I lift my prayers to You,
and You hear me.
no matter what the television says,
That is a reason to thank You



As we look at these personal and world events, may we come before Jesus, who always hears us and works for our good and His Glory. Please lift up these three events with me to Christ. He is Sovereign!

Do you know Jesus?

He is King, above everything. He is not startled or shaken by this world. Learn more about who Jesus is and what He has done for us, here.

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