Giving to CitizenGO

CitizenGO has been working for life, family, and freedom this past year, and have done much to uphold the sanctity of life, the opening of closed churches, and the like. They have specifically “…stood up against the religious persecution in Nigeria. [They] are still involved in the campaign to free young Leah Sharibu who is held against her will by Boko Haram due to her faith in Jesus Christ.”

Would you consider giving to this reputable nonprofit? You can find the link here. I have not been paid or otherwise rewarded for mentioning this group; I just admire their goals and achievements and wanted to share about them in hopes that some will donate. Anyone who is for life, freedom– and as pertaining to this blog, the freedom of Nigerians and Leah Sharibu– is legitimate in my book.

Find a list of reputable charities here, if you don’t want to give to this one. Thanks friends!

In Christ,

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