Confession & Repentance for Our World

“Jesus weeps over the world today.”
— Brenda Hoover

Friends, look at the world around us. Legalizing abortion; legalizing gambling; the world dehumanizing those around us for financial gain by turning people into sex objects in porn. We are quickly running into a distaster if we do not confess and turn from the way we have been living. It is true; Jesus is not okay with what has been happening in the world, and especially in the United States.

Please pray with me for your country this week, and for the lostness of the world around us. We are nothing without the God who has provided all He has for our provision and enjoyment. 🔹

Dear Jesus,
We have sinned against You. Please forgive us for our individual sins, and for the sins of this nation. We turn away from the sins we have committed, and pray in Your Name for healing for our lives and the lives of everyone in our countries. Thank You for cleaning us of our sins and unrighteousness when we come to you in confession and repentance.
It is in Your Name we pray,

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