Coronavirus in Nigeria: Physical & Spiritual Illness

A year out, Nigeria has counted up their cases of Coronavirus– and have realized that one in five people had the antibodies for the illness, meaning they had it.

Nigeria has not done very well at containing the virus; they have only tested 153,842 people as of February 24, 2021. They have not yet taken on vaccines for the virus, and 655 new confirmed cases and 11 deaths were recorded in the country as of February 24th (source).

I wrote about the fact that Nigeria has been well physically in the past, but have been sick spiritually (you can read that post here). Now, in their time of physical need, their needs spiritually still haven’t been met… Fulani Herdsmen continue to ravage Christian villages, Boko Haram continues to kill innocent Christians, and serious, grievous injustices continue to harm the nation.

Jesus cared for the physical needs of people, but not as much as their spiritual needs. He came to die for people’s sin– so that they might be made truly whole.

It’s not enough to wish well on these people. Serious prayer is needed for Nigeria– every part of it, from medically speaking to spiritually speaking. I ask that we would please focus some of our prayers on Nigeria: that they would recieve what is needed to contain the Coronavirus, and for their salvation, so that what is in their souls can be healed. Only Jesus can do this. 🔹

Do you know Jesus?

As said above, Jesus came to die for our sin, to save us from ourselves and from hell. Learn more about Jesus here.

Please pray for…

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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