For the Three (A Poem)

On April 24th, it was reported that three students from Greenfield University in Kaduna State, Nigeria, had been murdered. This is my reply.

“Nigeria will triumph over evil!”
He said
as terrorists in the country
head to a hiding place’s bed
There’s plans,
motives vicious and vile–
They think nothing
of killing a child.

Three of them, actually, to be exact
and that is after all the other attacks
Take their lives away far too soon
and those captive lay under our same exact moon

It’s far away, correct?
But don’t they deserve the proper respect?
A proper burial, closure for loved ones
instead there are videos
of terrorists with guns

Make it stop, I beg of You,
how long? How long will
innocent blood be shed?
How long until they can go to bed
listening to animals in the midnight hour
without a terrorist’s rise to power?

I don’t know…
But I’ll keep praying.
I don’t know…
But I’ll keep speaking.
I don’t know…
I just don’t know.

(c) Annalee Hoover 2021

Do you know Jesus?

We know that in the chaos and hatred, Jesus came to Earth to save us from ourselves and our sin.
Learn more about Jesus and what He has done, here.

Please pray for…

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!

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