Sixth Grade School Shooting

On May 6th, 2021, a sixth grader brought a gun to her middle school in Rigby, Idaho, where she shot two classmates and one custodian. She was disarmed before she could wreak more havoc; all of the victims are alive and will be okay.

This breaks my heart… to hear of such pain, such anger, coming from a sixth grader is astounding. The children growing up today are being taught horrendous, immoral things– and are at an age where they’re very sensitive to how others treat them.

I don’t know what caused this sixth grader to decide to hurt people. I just pray that Jesus would get ahold of every heart in that school who needs Him, including this young girl. Please pray with me for our young people.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
The idea that a sixth grader hurting those around her fills us with grief. Jesus, this world needs YOU! We pray in Your Name that these kids would come to know Your Salvation and Love. Help those who are struggling, Lord Jesus. It is in Your Name we pray, Amen.”

Do you know Jesus?

This kind of pain and chaos breaks the heart of God. Find out who Jesus is– and why He matters to everyone– here.

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