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Always Loved by a Beautiful God

This post is not really related to the Chibok girls or Nigeria, but I wanted to share what Jesus is doing in my heart and mind. Please keep the Chibok girls in your heart and mind.

“Do you love God because He is useful, or because He is beautiful?”

I heard the pastor say these words, and it took my breath away. I had been thinking about what to do in a certain situation, and these words changed my heart as they were spoken.

“Useful, meaning that He does what you want Him to do, or beautiful, meaning that you love Him for who He is?”

I have had to say “no” to a lot of things I have wanted to say “yes” to, recently. But I want to love Jesus because He is beautiful. Not because He gives me everything I want, but because He is, indeed, beautiful.

I am slowly but surely learning what it means to love Jesus—and to let Him Love me. He’s always Loved me, but as He’s called me to a season of singleness, I am learning how to call Him the best Husband in existence—the Love I know I need more than anything in the world. He Loves me on my good days, when I’m doing well and my actions are Godly; but He also Loves me on days when my thought life is trash and my actions are short and sinful. His amount of Love and Loyalty to me never change.

His amount of Love and Loyalty to me never change.

It’s not about what I do—it’s about what He did. He hung on that cross for the joy set before Him: The Joy of saving us. Of Loving us. Of being the Church’s Husband, of being my Savior. It was for these things that He willingly died for our sin.

Friend, you are Loved! And that Love never lets go. Bask in it. Enjoy it. Be changed by it.

Love to you in Christ,


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