Merry CHRISTmas!

Friends and Family,

Forgive me for being late in sending “Merry Christmas” your way! As I was sitting in my seat during the Christmas service at church, I looked around at all the little babies and toddlers in the room.

It struck me that Jesus was one of them at this time. A cooing, crying, laughing, screaming baby, coming into our dark world as the light of life. Jesus came so that He might die for our sins, and so that He might “yada” us: a word in Hebrew meaning to “know intimately.” (1)

I don’t have babies yet, but I pray that as we observe these holidays, we would never forget how vulnerable Jesus was with us– and how we can be vulnerable with Him as He pursues our hearts and wants a personal relationship with each of us.

Merry CHRISTmas, friends! May you know His Love more than ever this holiday season.

With Love, in Christ,


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