I need your feedback!

To my friends & followers,

Thank you for being loyal to this blog! It blesses me to know that so many are using this as a resource and help in praying for so many things.

Lately, I feel I have hit a brick wall. I have not been updating the “Chibok Girl to Pray for of the Week” and have had less posts. This is partially from work and other obligations; but at the end of the day, you make time for what you love, right? I want to put more effort into this blog than I have recently.

I want to remain obedient to the Holy Spirit with stewarding this blog; and I know that my prayers are being heard by God– as are yours, of course. But I want Godly counsel.

I have one question: How could I do better with this blog to fulfill it’s purpose: That is, to be a resource and inspiration for others to pray for Nigeria, the Chibok Girls, and the world at large? Please leave a comment below with whatever you want.

Your insight is appreciated! Thank you again!

Love, in Christ,


Do you know Jesus?

Jesus inspired me to make this blog in 2014– and He is still active today. Learn more about Him here.

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