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For Ukraine

Last night, my church had a city-wide prayer meeting for Ukraine. We gathered together, brothers and sisters from different churches and denominations, and earnestly prayed for those suffering in the area.

Today, I saw that 50 people died in a train bombing there, including 5 children. Bodies piled in mass graves. People forever separated from their loved ones.

I cannot keep from crying. Lord, when will you act? We know You are moving. Please end this pain and relentless hatred, we pray.

We not only prayed, but many people walked up and spoke about how they were helping those in Ukraine, especially refugees and those hurt by the warfare.

I am working to contact those people, so that I can link their ministries to this blog and try to do something practical for those who are going through so much. That will come soon.

Please continue to pray for these precious people. The links will hopefully come soon.

With Love, in Christ,


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