News About Boko Haram/ISWAP

Hello everyone. I said a while back that I would try to continue putting up a summary of what is going on in Northern Nigeria and with Boko Haram. I am sorry that it has taken this long!

I want to just put here a quick summary of what the major headlines are, and how you can be praying. I will also cite each source so you can read more about each story, if you would like.

  • A train was attacked by gunmen in Northwest Nigeria on March 28th. These same gunmen took a bank executive (and many other people) hostage, but released him “out of compassion.” Please be praying that the rest of these kidnapped people are freed, and that these terrorists are brought to justice.
  • Boko Haram has killed 10 ISWAP members. While both groups are muslim terrorists, Boko Haram has said that ISWAP is deviating “from the teachings of God.” They have also said that ISWAP is fighting them for no reason. While it is good in a way that these terrorists are attacking eachother (and not just innocent people), let’s pray that they come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, the true Prince of Peace.
  • As of April 5th, a Boko Haram commander has surrendered to troops in Borno, Nigeria. This comes along as “a total of 51,114 insurgents and families comprising of 11,398 men, 15,381 women, and 24,335 children” have surrendered to troops as well. Please pray that the Chibok girls, and any other kidnapped person, would be freed in these situations!

Please pray over these three pieces of news. I will try to post more regularly about what is going on in Nigeria, especially what is going on in Northern Nigeria involving Boko Haram, ISWAP, and the people of Northern Nigeria in general. May Jesus and His People find victory, strength, and comfort as they face terrorists and corruption!

In Christ,


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