Dying for Christ

They laid on the ground, dead. 20 Nigerian Christians were slaughtered by ISIS members, all because of their faith in Jesus.

In the US, we experience some forms of persecution: friendships can get broken, we can be mocked, and at times, we can encounter fierce opposition from opposing views. But, for the most part, we are not under a denomic regime, like Nigeria’s ISIS-filled regions are.

In fact, many of us live a life of luxury, calling ourselves Christians only when it is convenient. I am not saying it is wrong to live blessed with material things by God; but I am saying that we need to look at our salughtered brothers and sisters in places like Nigeria, and reflect.

Would we love Christ to death? What are we willing to give up for Jesus? Most importantly, are we willing to live for Christ, no matter the difficulty of doing so?

As we pray for the grieving loved ones of these 20 brothers and sisters, let us remember that we will see them in eternity. Let us look at their sacrifice, and be stirred to be more like them.

Dear Father God,
We pray over the loved ones of those who have passed recently, all because they knew You. We pray for comfort, wisdom, guidance, and peace for those living in Nigeria. Please put an end to this suffering, and help those who are not being physically persecuted to live for You, whatever comes. We thank You for this.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus gave it all, that we might know Him, live for Him, and live for eternity with Him. Learn more about Jesus, here.

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