Hope for Them: Observing World Day Against Human Trafficking

July 30th, 2022 is World Day Against Human Trafficking. Since 2003, 225,000 people have been trafficked (source). Being a blog about 300 young Chibok girls who were kidnapped (and so many more on top of that), it would be remiss not to dedicate a post to those being used, abused, and devastated by human trafficking.

While it is heartbreaking and evil, Jesus can provide the hope these people need. Please pray with me over these people. This poem is for them.

She was chosen
but not for the light
She is a nameless face
walking through the night

Another is trapped in the back of a truck
told she would make money
but the truth is, she’s stuck

Are all they are is bodies?
This has happened since the beginning of sin
but with Jesus now
Their new lives can begin

(c) Annalee Hoover 2022

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus can, and does, make all the difference in each and every one of our lives. Learn more about Him here, today.

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