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“Mama Boko Haram” sentenced to 7 years in Prison

I thought it would never happen.

Monday, October 25th, a woman known as “Mama Boko Haram” was finally sentenced to 7 years in jail for all of the conspiring her and her accomplices did to help Boko Haram (source).

It frustrates me, though. So many of the “Chibok schoolgirls” still have yet to be found, and the rescued have spent at least 3-4 years in jail before being freed. How does 7 years match this in fairness?

Putting that aside, please pray with me for this situation. Please pray:

Please pray with me over these three topics (and if you have more pertaining to Chibok and Nigeria, comment down below!). May Jesus be magnified, and may He come back soon.

In Christ,


Do you know Jesus?

Jesus Loves these people– both the terrorist and the victims of terror. Learn more about Him here.

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