Urgent Family Prayer Request

I am so discouraged, in tears. I know Jesus is a Very-Present Help in times of Trouble, and I am asking Him to be that Help right now.

My grandpa is 93. 93. He is healthy, but has broken and dislocated his hip three times in the past month and a half. Going to the hospital, being pumped with painkillers, coming home, going back to the hospital, going to a rehab facilitity… and now again, he has dislocated that broken ball joint in his hip.

I love my grandpa. It has only been this year that I have had the honor of watching over him and getting to know him more. Now, he is so small, so feeble, so confused… it breaks my heart to see him this way. Jesus, help!

Whoever you are, I am just asking for your prayers. His name is David. He loves Jesus and bought me my first study Bible years ago. It hurts our entire family right now, and we just need to be lifted up. Prayers please. Any encouraging words would be appreciated, too.

In Christ,


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