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Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Friends & Followers,

As this year comes to a close, my heart is still full of joy for those Chibok girls who were released, while it is dedicated to those who have yet to experience freedom.

I just wanted to thank all of you for reading and praying over these girls, and over everything else I have asked for prayer for. It has been a difficult year in many respects, but it has also been a year where I saw God work in our prayers.

As my grandfather slowly dies, my heart is heavy… but I trust the Lord to take him when it is in His timing. I have seen my grandpa pray for our family in his delirious sleep, and it has brought such peace and thankfulness to my heart.

Please continue to pray for my grandpa– that he wouldn’t experience any pain, but would draw close to Jesus as he prepares for his homecoming.

What’s Next in 2023?

To be honest, I haven’t thought much about where this blog is going in 2023. I do want to post things more frequently, and more centered around the Chibok girls, Northern Nigeria, and terrorists. I will post as the Lord leads me to; and I will continue to pray and believe for every Chibok girl experiencing freedom. While this may not mean physical freedom perse, I know Jesus hears our prayers and will give them freedom as He sees fit.

I am so utterly thankful for those of you who follow and pray for these requests. It truly means the world. I want to say a prayer for all of us as we enter a new year!

Father God,
Thank You for blessing 2022 with Your Near Presence. So much as happened, and we thank You for being sovereign over it all. We pray that 2023 would draw us so much closer to You, and that You would bless the Chibok girls and those undergoing persecution as they see 2023 draw near. Bless my brothers and sisters, Father.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.

In Christ,



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