Prayer for Women on Women’s Day

Today is international Women’s Day. As I type this, I cannot help but think of the girls and women who are captured, violated, degraded, and oppressed in this world. This speaks of the Chibok girls, of course, but also so many in the East and in Ukraine.

Please pray with me today over these girls. God created us to be respected, cherished, protected, and to be put in places where we can flourish.

Dear Father God,
We sincerely thank You for each and every woman You have created. You designed us; You define us. We thank You, that Jesus did not put down women, but rather loved them like He did the disciples.
We pray this Women’s Day over the women who are oppressed and silenced, Father. Please help us to be their voice and to help in their freedom and healing.
We love You, Father. Thank You for sending Jesus to this world, to save us and redeem us as women who need You.
In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus died to set us free from our biggest enemies: sin and death. He did it out of perfect Love for us. Learn more about Jesus here.

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