What About the Children?

Today, whilst at work, I googled “Chibok girls news.” What I found truly broke my heart.

Many of these young women, especially those found lately, have come back– not only with PTSD and broken hearts– but children (source).

Sometimes, even three to four children. And it got me to pray, “Lord, please restore what the enemy has taken from these young women.” You look into the eyes of these young ladies, and you can tell that they have lost so much… and it made me think about their children, too.

These children didn’t ask to be born to terrorist fathers. They did not ask to be conceived in rape and assault. They did not choose to live in captivity. And yet, Jesus deeply cares for each one of them.

The Psalms are littered with verses on how the Lord cares for the oppressed and the afflicted.

“The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”

Psalm 9:9

It is obvious that Jesus is on the side of these beloved little children. But what will become of these children? Born to mothers who are hurting and wounded in ways one can’t begin to understand? And now, living with loved ones who are almost unable to financially to raise them?

They are not mistakes. They are not curses. They need our help, love… and most of all, our prayers.

Lord, scoop these children up into Your Arms. Show them how much You Love and care for them. Heal their mothers and their loved ones. We NEED You to come through for these children, Lord. We know that ultimately, You will, as Your Word expresses Your passionate heart for those widows, orphans, the poor, and the oppressed.
In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus said, in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

He is passionate about people, and about the care of the most vulnerable in our society– little children. Learn more about Jesus, and what He has done for all of us, here.


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