Prayer Request

They have come out of surgery well and are getting better. Praise Jesus!

A Soul's Song

Please pray for a family member getting back surgery on September 29th. They are in horrible pain and are finally getting it worked on.

Thank you!

In Christ,


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Prayer for those in Hurricane Ian!

I have to be honest. Hurricane Ian has not been on my radar, though I felt a burden to talk about it here and pray for it with all of you supporters and followers. It has landed in Florida and is making its way to South Carolina and Georgia (source).

Here are some prayer points to consider:

  • Pray for the Church in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. What I am referring to is the Bible-believing churches that help make up the worldwide Christian Church. May the churches there find protection, provision, wisdom!
  • Pray that the churches there would help those in need during this time. So many are hurting, and this is a time for their light to shine.
  • May the rest of the world-wide Church be praying for and assisting this group of people and churches!
  • May Jesus show all people His Near Presence during this time, and bless them with peace, wisdom, comfort, and strength.

Please pray these things with me as we watch updates on this storm!

With Love, in Christ,


If we are ever going to defeat evil in this world, we need to return to Jesus– or perhaps turn to Him for the first time.

(Learn more about the political climate in Nigeria here). Agree with me in prayer here (Matthew 18:19):

Father God, we pray for revival in Nigeria. True hearts coming to You in sincere repentance, wanting to know You as their Lord and Savior. Save the innocent and protect the widows; bring to justice to all those who are currently hurting others. In Jesus’ Name we pray this, amen.

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I’m Back!

Hello All!

Forgive me for not being on this blog too much over the past few weeks. I wasn’t able to log on and had technical difficulties in doing so up until a few minutes ago!

But I think the Lord wanted me to have a break. Honestly, this blog has burnt me out at times… and that shows me that I am working in my own power and not in Jesus’ power. As Pastor Ed Taylor has said, “You may get tired in the ministry, but not tired of the ministry. Being burnt out is not from God.” Jesus knew that I needed a rest and to see this ministry not as a chore, but as an honor to do.

So, here I am. Please pray I would do these things in Jesus’ power, and wouldn’t– as horrible as it sounds– get tired of it. At the end of the day, it is a special thing to be able to know and understand what is going on around the world, and to lift up prayer for such things.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

In Christ,


Prayers for the Highs & the Lows

Hi friends! I have both good and bad news regarding Nigeria.

Boko Haram has conquered parts of Kaduna, Nigeria, and has unfortunately stopped safe elections from happening in that state.

At the same time, schools and cattle markets are being rebuilt as Boko Haram and other violent groups are being overcome in Cameroon and Nigeria. It seems that where the enemy has taken ground, Jesus has allowed the enemy to be wiped out, and new restoration in the world of these resilient people has started!

Would you please pray with me for these people?

Dear Father God,
You have done wonderful things. You have cast down the proud, and restored the humble.
We pray now in Jesus’ Name that You would continue to restore these people You have restored. Wipe out the enemy, and even bring members of terrorists groups and bandits to come to know You.
We truly lift all these things to You, right now, Father.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

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Hope for Them: Observing World Day Against Human Trafficking

July 30th, 2022 is World Day Against Human Trafficking. Since 2003, 225,000 people have been trafficked (source). Being a blog about 300 young Chibok girls who were kidnapped (and so many more on top of that), it would be remiss not to dedicate a post to those being used, abused, and devastated by human trafficking.

While it is heartbreaking and evil, Jesus can provide the hope these people need. Please pray with me over these people. This poem is for them.

She was chosen
but not for the light
She is a nameless face
walking through the night

Another is trapped in the back of a truck
told she would make money
but the truth is, she’s stuck

Are all they are is bodies?
This has happened since the beginning of sin
but with Jesus now
Their new lives can begin

(c) Annalee Hoover 2022

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It is with great joy that I report that 2 of the Chibok schoolgirls have been found!!!

I remember when I would cry out to the Lord for even just one Chibok girl to be found. Now, MORE THAN 100 HAVE BEEN FOUND OR FREED.

They were both found with children– one with one child, the other with two. It blows my mind.

I look back at all Jesus has done, and it brings Psalm 116 to mind. Especially verses 1-2:

“I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;

    he heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

    I will call on him as long as I live.”

Psalm 116:1-2, NIV

Guys, Jesus hears us. He Loves us. And He has heard our prayers, even if they take a lot of time to see. And He will be a faithful God, a God who Heals and Loves them passionately.

SO, I don’t have much more to say than “LET’S CELEBRATE!!!”

Celebrate not only the two girls who were freed, but the God who Loves them and brought them out of captivity.

With Love, in Christ,


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Praying for our Brother: A Video

Please watch this video, and pray for our brother from Myanmar who has been mentioned in it.

Thank you.

With Love, in Christ,


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