Praise Report: Christmas is made an official holiday in Iraq!

I am more than happy to announce that Christmas has become an official holiday in Iraq


Christians in Iraq (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images, found in the article at

(source)! Christians in the majority Muslim population can now celebrate Christ’s birth!

In such a place where it can sometimes be difficult, and even deadly, to be a Christian, this is welcome progress! But it could also anger many Muslims who believe that Christians don’t deserve to live, much less celebrate their Savior.

satan is not happy about this, and I am sure he will do all he possibly can to rip away this amazing gift. Please pray with me, giving thanks to Jesus for this victory, and for protection over these brothers and sisters as they now celebrate Christ in the years ahead!

“Dear Lord Jesus,
We thank You for coming down to earth and humbling Yourself as a man, all so that we could be saved from our sin! We thank You that our brothers and sisters can now celebrate Your birth officially, as acknowledged by their government.
We pray now that they would be able to have Joy, Peace, and Safety as they celebrate Your birth now and in the days ahead.
May more Muslims come to faith in You because of this, Jesus!

In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus came to earth, and died the most horrific death possible, so that you and I could come to know Him and be saved from going to hell. Learn more about Jesus, what He did, and what it matters, here.

Being Thankful for Friendship

Have you ever just cried when you think about the people who have poured into your life the most? Those people who took the time to hug you, to pick you up and get coffee, to ask how you were really doing because they actually cared?

I’m doing that right now. My heart is full of sheer gratitude for those people I once loved and lived so closely with. From my ex boyfriend’s sister, to a loving youth group leader, my eyes have filled with tears as I think of the pure joy and love they have shown me.

I remember one dear friendship: how I would come over to her house, or that we would meet somewhere in my hometown, and we would just watch movies. Listen to music. Talk about the abstract things, and the things right here and now.

It didn’t matter what we did. All that mattered was that we were together.

And so it is today. It can easily fill me with sadness to know that I no longer am around such people… but then I remember: Jesus has never lacked putting lovely people in my life, even now. They are people who care—and people whom I can pour into, as well.

After taking Interpersonal Communications and intro to Psychology courses this past semester, I am blown away by just how wired for authentic community that we are. Whether you agree or not, there is something deep inside of us that yearns to be known deeply—and Loved just as deeply at the same time.

I don’t really know where this post is going… all I have to say is that I am glad that I have been deeply known and loved by so many—and that I am ready to be even more deeply known and loved, now.

My heart is ready. May it be opened up to the right people—and ultimately, opened up completely to my Savior: the One who knew me and loved me deeply before I was born.

Thank you Jesus, for how You Love us—and for how You show Your Love through us.
Learn more about Jesus, and His Love for you, here.

Hey guys, just felt like I should type this:
Be praying for and thanking your pastor and those who have significantly shaped your walk with Christ!

Life can be hard for a pastor– they need all the love, encouragement, and prayer they can get!



A Call to Worship

Those who live at the ends of the earth
    stand in awe of your wonders.
From where the sun rises to where it sets,
    you inspire shouts of joy.
…The meadows are clothed with flocks of sheep,
    and the valleys are carpeted with grain.
    They all shout and sing for joy!
(Psalm 65:8, 13, NIV)
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News on the Chibok Girls!: The Need for Prayer

It has been reported by This Day News that, at a bilateral meeting in Poland with Swiss President Alain Berset, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari vowed not to rest until the Chibok schoolgirls are all freed and brought home. Continue reading