Shocking Video: Abortion Doctor “loves” Killing Babies

Watch the video here, as I couldn’t get it embeded for some reason:

Friends, these are the people we must pray for, and the organizations we must pray against. Please pray with me for this doctor’s salvation, and for the families and lives that are being ruined because of abortion.

In Christ,


Jesus wants NO person to be lost– even this heinously evil doctor. Learn more about Jesus, and how much He loves this world, here.


Remembering Kristoff St. John

It is a tragedy to report this, but report it I must: Kristoff St. John, an actor from the soap opera “The Young & The Restless,” has passed away at the age of 52 from what many are saying is an overdose of alcohol. Continue reading

So that You and Your Children Might Live

Hello, all. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that our country is now able to kill full-term babies in New York, and quite possibly in Virginia and other states as well.

In response to this news, I wrote a poem– based off of Deuteronomy 30. I pray it blesses and inspires you to pray over those making these barbaric decision… we need Jesus now more than ever. Continue reading

Pray for Savannah Leigh Pruitt’s Return!

Please pray for the quick return home of Savannah Leigh Pruitt, a 14 year old from Tennessee who reportedly went missing January 13th, 2019. Her parents are at a loss for where she could be, though her cellphone was located in Kentucky before being turned off. Let’s pray together for her release!

“Dear Lord Jesus,
You created Savannah. You know exactly where she is, and where she has gone. Please keep her safe, Lord Jesus. Keep her family hopeful, and give them the strength, courage and morale to continue searching for her. Please bring her home, Lord Jesus.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,


Learn more about Jesus, and His Sovereignty, here.

The “Satanic” Hotline: The Reality of Satan & Satan Worshippers

The website FaithWire has reported that a satanic-prayer hotline has been created—and that many people are actually using it.

You can find the article here. It is chilling to see that some people worship satan—and what they ask for. Let’s pray that these people would realize who they are truly worshipping, and that he would be given no further praise.

With Love, in Christ Jesus,


Learn more about the TRUE King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, here.