Prayer for Alex Trebek

In case you haven’t heard, Alex Trebek, the 79-year-old host of “Jeopardy!” has pancreatic cancer—and is back in chemotherapy after many months of being in remission. When asked about his health, he says he is concerned for those who love him once he passes, but says, “I’ve had one hell of a life.”

Whether you’re aware of who he is or not, my heart goes out to this man. I pray that he would come to know Jesus if he has not, yet. Will you please pray with me for him?

Jesus deeply and passionately cares for every single person on this earth. Learn more about Jesus, and His great Love for you, here.


Prayer for those in Hurricane Dorian

Let’s continue to pray especially over the Bahamas, where the newest death toll is now at 43. Let’s pray that as much aid as possible would be sent there, and that the Christians in the Bahamas would reach out and support their community as much as they can!


In this fallen world (made fallen by us), huge events, namely Hurrican Dorian, are going on.

Hurricane Dorian is getting closer to Florida. Please pray with me, that the people of Florida would be protected, and that it wouldn’t do too much damage!

Want to help? You can donate to Gleaning for the World, a charity that Charity Navigator claims is very reputable. Donate to them here.

Jesus is in control– and though the world is fallen and broken, He is the answer to all the chaos. Learn more about Jesus, and all He’s done, here.

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#PrayersForTexas Shooting

UPDATE: The shooter was shot by police after having shot so many people.

In better news, In the midst of these chaotic, tragic shootings, two rival high schools have joined together in solidarity to be #OdessaStrong, wearing yellow to show their support. Praise Jesus for such a beautiful thing to come out of this time of sorrow.


As many of you know, this past Saturday (August 31st, 2019), an armed gunman shot seemingly randomly at passersby between the towns of Midland and Odessa. At least 7 people were killed, and 21 others were injured. As news continues to flood in, I will try my hardest to keep this post updated.

Do you know Jesus?
It’s the truth: the end is near. Do you know where you’ll be after this life ends? Learn more about Jesus, who is the only way to heaven, here .

Please pray with me over those affected by this cowardly, horrific tragedy:

  • For the families of those hurt and killed in this tragedy to find comfort.
  • That the local churches in this area would open their doors to serve, support, and love those who have gone through this hell.
  • That people would be protected by Christ in such a dangerous…

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URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Healing for Chelsea Taylor

UPDATE ON CHELSEA: Chelsea has gone back into the operating room after having a spasm in her brain, something common after having a brain aneurysm. She is exhausted. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR HER! FIND MORE INFO HERE:



According to FaithWire, Hillsong Worship leader Chelsea Taylor has suffered a brain aneurysm and is currently in the hospital. You can learn more about it herePlease pray with me right now that Chelsea would survive this incredibly serious, tragic event. Thank you.

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Prayers for Walmart Shootings



There have been TWO shootings at two Walmarts in the past week alone. One was in Southhaven, Mississippi, and the other happened this morning in El Paso, Texas. The shooting in Mississippi killed two Walmart employees (source); the shooting in El Paso is still being reported on, so the number of casualties is not known at this time.

The amount of violence happening in the US is seriously grievous. Please pray with me, that those who have been involved in these two shootings would know Jesus and His Comfort during this time.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus has come once to save the world from their sins; and He is coming back soon! Learn more about Jesus, His Life, Death, and Resurrection, here.

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Urgent Personal Prayer Request

Prayer Update: My family member is doing better! They are able to eat some solid foods now, but there is still no firm diagnosis. Please continue to pray! Thank you!



A family member of mine, whom we will call H, has been having very severe stomach issues for the past 3 weeks. She cannot even keep broth down without it burning her throat and stomach. The only sustenance she can have at this point is the nutrition given through IVs at the hospital, which she has been in and out of for the past several weeks.

Doctors still have little to no idea what is causing this pain, and it’s so frustrating and concerning. Please pray that today, as H is in the ER once again, that her doctors would be able to pinpoint what is causing this and that she would be provided relief. Thank you!

Do you know Jesus?

…And by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:3, NKJV)

Jesus is with us in the darkest of times; He never leaves our side. Learn…

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12,000 High Schoolers Praise Jesus: Think on These Things!

A story from FaithWire, about 12,000 highschoolers praising Jesus and raising money for the poor, puts hope back in my heart for their generation. Read it here!

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8, NIV)

Learn more about the Jesus these people are worshipping, and why He is worthy of such worship, here.