Prayer for Chris Daughtry & the Daughtry Family

While this seems quite random, my heart was touched by hearing of the passing of Hannah Daughtry.

On November 12th, Hannah Daughtry was found dead in her home in Nashville, Tennessee. Investigations are being had; while some say it could be a homicide, there is not much more complete information known. Please pray with me for Chris, his wife Deanna, and their family and friends.

Dear Lord God,
We thank You for being a God who is close to the hurting. We pray that You would comfort the Daughtry family, and bring Hannah’s death to full justice, should it be a homicide.
In Jesus’ Name we pray this. Amen.”

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Jesus is a God who is close to the brokenhearted. Learn more about Him here.

Prayers for Michigan

Today, 3 children died in another attack on a school. What can a person say to this? Are there even words to communicate this tragedy?

While there may be no words, there are words we can pray to Christ. In the midst of the confusion and heartbreak, we can pray to a God who is never shaken, but it so close.

Please, pray with me for those who are injured, and for the families who are left behind and are now grieving their children.

“Dear Lord God,
Thank You for being Sovereign. Nothing surprises You, but it does break Your Heart. We pray over each and every student and adult affected by that shooting, and pray that they would come to know You, and recieve the healing that they need. We thank You for this, Father. In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

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In this, I am reminded of this song— hopefully it expresses both the pain and hope of life with Jesus, who died to save us all. Learn more about Him, here.

Muncy Family: Prayer Update

I have new news concerning the Muncy family and their father, who is still in the hospital.

In the words of one of his daughters, “For the first time, his oxygen held for about 25 minutes on the nasal cannula while he was laying prone! 🙌 Yes, we’re counting every. single. victory.”

You can still pray this:

  • Inflammation and lung damage is still pretty severe, so quick healing for that.
  • Prayers for him to not only maintain where he’s at, but also to improve.
  • Prayers that tomorrow is an even better day of breathing.
  • Prayers for every individual who comes in contact with him there.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,



Today their father was able to see their brother, after many days of being isolated.

Here are the family’s new prayer requests:

  • Prayers that Momma can go see him [their father] tomorrow. We find out in the morning if they’ll officially let him out of isolation.
  • Prayers for healing of his kidneys.
  • Prayers for continued healing of his lungs -inflammation and the hole.
  • Prayers for a peaceful night for him. That he can relax and actually sleep.
  • Prayers for only good days for him now.

Please continue to lift them up to Jesus. Updates will follow.



  • Their father is in the hospital with serious breathing issues.
  • Many people in their family are still going through having COVID.

These people love Jesus and show it in every aspect of their lives. I have been given the permission to put this prayer request on this blog.

Prayer updates to follow.

What’s Going on in Nigeria?

Hello friends,

It has been awhile since I’ve talked directly about Nigeria or the Chibok girls. Because of this, I wanted to take some time here to share about three things going on in Nigeria as we speak. Hopefully, by knowing these things, we can become more informed people of prayer.

Here they are:

  1. The “Boko Haram Kingpin” Nkunzi, a well-known Boko Haram leader, was shot dead in a gunfight on Tuesday. His body was found in Pretoria; his girlfriend was also found with bullet wounds, and was taken to the hospital. As depressing as this is, it is a direct answer to the prayer that God would humble those in Boko Haram and bring justice to those hurt by Boko Haram.
  2. Connected to the above event, there has been much gang warfare between the “original” or mainstream Boko Haram, and a breakaway group called Bafarasai. This warfare has claimed at least eight lives, with many of those lives being innocent. Please pray for these innocent people who are in great danger each time a bout of gang violence is had. This can also be seen as Boko Haram and other gangs demand money from the innocent for protection.
  3. There is a person that many people in Northern Nigeria are calling “John Wick,” and they are pointing to him for getting rid of Boko Haram gang members. While this is all speculation, it is very interesting that there might be a person hell-bent on killing off Boko Haram members. As said before, there seems to be a theme of vindication and justice happening as Boko Haram members are being humbled by the violence enacted towards them. Pray that if this person really exists, that they would know Christ and would be led of Him.

Crazy things are happening in Nigeria! I’ve enjoyed reading up on these stories. I may make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing, but we will see about that. Thank you all for reading, and for your prayers!

With Love in Christ,


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