Please Pray for Colorado

Hi friends,

We have recently– very recently, as in today– gotten hit by a horrific fire that is spreading due to crazy blowing winds. At least 850 homes have already been lost. Near or far away, would you please pray with us for the damage being done?

Dear Father God,
You are in control of this horrible blaze. We pray over those losing their homes and jobs because of this fire. Please protect the people being hurt in Louisville and Superior; please keep them safe. Use us to help them when this is all contained and the damage that is done is seen. Bring these people to ultimately know You.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus can make the best out of the worse of situations. Learn about how He did on the cross here.

Please look for Taylor!!


From the facebook post of her cousin:

You guys my cousin Taylor is missing. She lives in Loveland, Colorado. Her car was found behind King Soopers with all of her belongings in it. She’s 16 years old, her last known sighting was at her job on Saturday. Please share the shit out of this. Praying something didn’t happen to her beautiful soul 😢💔

Please pray over and keep an eye out for Taylor! Thank you!