Prayer for Church Openings

All across the country, especially in California, churches are being mandatorily shut down. The many churches that have defied this command, like Calvary Christian Fellowship (CCF) in San Jose, California, have exorbiant fees to pay for staying open– to the tune of two million dollars.

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Let’s remember, like I said in this post, that we are fighting– not only terrorism, but a virus. Spiritual warfare is real! Let’s pray against it.

Do you know Jesus?

Throughout every bit of warfare, Jesus sits on the throne. But He came down for you and for me!  Learn more about Jesus and what He has done for us here.

Italy & The Spread of the Coronavirus

On March 11th, 2020, former football player Kris Durham put out a video from his home in Italy, showing how wild and dangerous coronavirus is (you can watch the video here). I know of some in my own county who have the virus, and most of our schools and colleges have shut down to have extended Spring Breaks and decided to have online classes. Continue reading