Holding His Hands in the Storm

Bomb blasts filled the main markets all across Northern Nigeria. Markets in Jos, Maiduguri, and Yola, just as they were starting to be rebuilt and basic infrastructure re-attained, vicious, insane men senselessly killed themselves, murdering many, and ruining the lives of hundreds more, in mere seconds. These things– the shocking sounds of exploding bombs, the sudden panic and pain inflicted, and the oppressive, haunting psychological and physical trauma received by its victims– are exactly what the people of these ravaged, war-torn areas were terrified of in the first place.  Continue reading

In Christ Alone: The Power of Faith

In the American University of Nigeria (AUN), located in Yola, three girls stand, praying together. Lifting their prayers to the Lord, they pray for the return of the more than 200 classmates they left behind: apart of the 50 who escaped as Boko Haram drove into the Sambisa Forest after their kidnapping, these three young women fervently pray for the safe release or escape of their sisters. “We are praying for them that maybe one day God will set them free,” one of them states with expectancy. With audacious hope, another girl proclaims what she knows to be true. “It will definitely happen,” she affirms. [1] Continue reading