He Alone Saves: A Word of Encouragement for Those in Law Enforcement

As brought up before in a former blogpost, Northern Nigeria has seen great success as it endeavors to capture, imprison, and/or deradicalize Boko Haram members1.

As mentioned in Isaiah 62 Prayer Ministry’s “The Story” page, Jesus gave me hope, not only for the Chibok girls, but for their abusers to be brought to Justice, through Isaiah 49: “Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save. I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh; they will be drunk on their own blood, as with wine. Then all mankind will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior, your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob” (Isaiah 49:25-26).

“Woah,” one might say. “Those verses seem a little… intense. Are you sure these can apply to the current situation in Nigeria?!” While it is VERY important to realize and know that these verses, in context, were about Israel, I do believe that Jesus gave me these verses as a promise.

Matthew Henry gives interesting, and applicable insight on what “oppressors eating their own flesh” can look like. He says, concerning the enemies of Israel, “The proud Babylonians shall become not only an easy, but an acceptable, prey to one another. God will send a dividing spirit among them, and their ruin, which was begun by a foreign invasion, shall be completed by their intestine divisions.” This interpretation actually fits what has happened to Boko Haram: Being split into two factions by two leaders, Abubukar Shekau and Abu Musab al-Barnawi, these factions of Boko Haram are almost pitted against each other, and there is definite tension between the two “groups” of Boko Haram that has actually been helping to win their defeat2.

But, Isaiah 49—and the general Law and Order that God desires for the Earth– is also being manifested through the hard work of the Law Enforcement community. Who else would “take captives from the warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce?” The brave men and women serving as soldiers and law enforcement officials, not only in Nigeria, but all over the world, are called to do something that is both noble and Godly (Romans 13:1; 1 Corinthians 14:33).

Though what I am saying is biblical, I understand that it is something very risky to write in the current political and societal climate I am in (that being the Western United States of America). Police officers near and far have been called to do a selfless, dangerous job; but many have completely, and horrifically, failed to do their job in a God-honoring way, as seen in the many unjust shootings of African American people that have happened in the past, for example.

But there is another profound reason for why this subject of Law Enforcement is very raw and depressing. Since the start of 2018, the flags in Colorado (where I live) have basically stayed at half-staff, largely due to police shootings, and to the mass shooting that horrifically happened last Wednesday. Here, two police officers have been killed; nationwide, the death toll has come to 14 police officers at the time of writing this post. It is sadly safe to say that our law enforcement community is deeply hurting.

With increased racial and political tension, as well as many African-American and Law Enforcement deaths occurring, there seems to be much to fear. It is with this in mind that I want to encourage those on the front line in our societies—and their families & loved ones. Continue reading