Prayer for the Impeachment of Trump

As most everyone knows, the US house democrats are trying to impeach Trump.

No matter your opinion or view on this, the Word says we must pray for all of our leaders—from Trump and Pence to those trying to impeach Trump (1 Timothy 2:1-3). In light of this, will you please pray with me over this whole situation?

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for the fact that we have a democracy. You see and know the hearts of all people, including Trump and those trying to impeach him. We pray now that Your Hand would be on Trump, the house senate, and everyone else involved. Let YOUR will be done, not anyone else’s.
In Jesus’ Name I pray,

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Do you know Jesus?

Just as stated above, those in power are ultimately under God’s Sovereign control. Learn more about Jesus, who is God, here.

***I know that many of my recent posts have nothing to do with Nigeria, the Chibok girls, or Boko Haram. I will be getting back to reporting about them shortly. Thank you for reading!!***

Prayer Over the Harvey Weinstein Case

“It was loving,” his attorneys stated. In the court case, Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys tried to make the rapes and assaults he is accused of look consensual. Continue reading

Praying for Israel

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be shaken but endures forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people
both now and forevermore.
…Peace be on Israel.”
(Psalm 125: 1-2, 5, NIV)

As of late, it has come to my attention that the more a government or institution strays from seeking the good of Israel, the worse their situation gets. Our blessing, in one sense, depends upon the good of Israel– so much so that the writer of Psalms asserts that those who trust in the Lord are like the sacred mountain of Israel, Mount Zion. 

Israel is currently in intense warfare. Please consider praying with me for the good of Israel, especially now. Thank you.

Do you know Jesus?

God promised Abraham that his seed would be a blessing to many– and that seed, Jesus, did just that. Learn more about the Gospel here.

Please pray (find the prayer sheet here):

  • For the good of Israel.
  • For the USA, that they would not turn their backs on Israel.

Thank you for your prayers!

Harem: The Women in Captivity

Hi guys. Yesterday, I watched a documentary called “Harem,” a documentary about how women in the Harem of the Sultan in Istanbul rose up into power and prestige. (You can watch the documentary here). These women did this through sex and having the Sultans fall in love with them. It was an interesting documentary, but many things caught my ear: Muslims during this time could only use Christian women as concubines (not free Muslim women), and there were many other policies used to oppress women of the Christian faith.

While some of these women were lucky and lived a live of luxury because of seducing the sultans, many of these concubines were locked in the Harem area: torn away from their families and made prisoners of war, used purely for sex by the sultan.

It sounded all too relevant, as the Chibok girls and SO many others have been ripped from their loved ones and made into slaves (hopefully not for sex). These women are chosen and given value based purely upon their looks and their creed… which breaks my heart, because these are real people.

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Women with names, pasts, homes, loved ones.
Women forced to do many things purely out of being in bondage.

Unfortunately, this kind of subjugation and persecution is nothing new, as shown in the documentary. But there is hope for today. As long as the names of these precious, kidnapped young men and women are remembered, their value, humanity, and story will never be forgotten. This is incredibly important.


Please pray with me over those currently in the same predicament as those concubines were, so long ago. May they know their value by looking to the true King, King Jesus. May they never give up hope for freedom, and may they be freed soon, so that the healing can begin.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
You see each and every girl locked away all over the world. We pray specifically over those women held captive by Muslim terrorists like Boko Haram. Lord Jesus, may Your Daughters in captivity learn and know their value in You, and that they are not valued only for their bodies. Please bring down Boko Haram, bring those men to know You, and show them how to respect women. Please free these girls soon, and help them all to heal.
It is in Your Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

As said before, Jesus cares for each and every woman: locked away, and free but locked away due to sin. He thinks they are—that all people are—worth dying for. Learn more about how Jesus died for you and me, here.