Dying for Christ: Giving all for the Gospel


John Allen Chau passed away recently when traveling to a remote island to share the Gospel.

Recently, a man named John Allen Chau was murdered by tribespeople after traveling to their remote island in hopes of sharing the Gospel. Continue reading


Where I’m At: Being Led by the Holy Spirit

Hi guys, I hope your thanksgiving was great!

I just wanted to honestly write about where I’m at right now, and what the Holy Spirit has been showing me.

Lately, I have felt more and more like this blog is a chore. More of a duty than a passion, more of just something to get done instead of something to invest in and enjoy. I have come face to face with these feelings, leaving me in tears and asking Jesus why it feels this way, again (it has happened multiple times).

Call it what you want—getting burnt out on ministry, becoming legalistic. But one thing the Lord showed me is that I always get this way when I am trying to do things in my own power, according to my own understanding. When I do this, writing for the blog feels heavy, burdensome, and oppressive.

I need the Holy Spirit to work in and through me on this blog—or else it is no longer the Spirit’s work, and is just the rambling of some legalistic girl.

I need to allow Jesus to lead, guide, and work through me on here, or I will always get burnt out.


Jesus’ yoke is easy; His burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30). I’m the one making it heavy.

As I continue blogging here on this blog, please pray that I would do so by God’s leading and power—and that my passion for simply praying over these Chibok girls and other prayer requests would remain hot instead of growing cold. Thanks, friends.

In Love,


Prayers for Chicago & The Watts Murder Case

The news around my home has been particularly grave, as of late. Christopher Watts, a man who seemed to be a loving husband and father of 3, murdered his pregnant wife and two children in August. Today in Colorado, he was given life in prison, plus some, for his crimes, and heard from his wife’s family as well as his own about how his callous, cold-blooded acts have ruined the lives of so many.

If this was not enough, there was a shooting today in Chicago, which killed at least two people, including the gunman, while at least two others were wounded. Both of these crimes were obviously ultimately propagated by satan; and tonight, I would like to pray for those being completely ruined by the evil acts of only a couple of people.

“Dear Lord Jesus,
Oh Lord God. Our hearts hurt tonight for those in Chicago, as well as for those affected by the acts of Christopher Watts. Dear Jesus, we ask that You would turn even these disgusting acts and make them for the good of those who love You (Genesis 50:20), as well as comforting, leading, and guiding those who are completely heartbroken.

Thank You, Jesus, for this.
In Your Name we pray,

Do you know Jesus?

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20)

Learn more about the God who takes the worst of the worst, and turns them for the good, here.



To Be Blessed


Tonight, I watched a 700 Club movie called “Miraculous Blessings.”

In it, the hosts of the show, Pat Robinson and Scott Ross, spoke a lot about recieving the blessing of God on our lives. As he spoke, he said, “To be blessed, you must be blessable.” This could start to sound like bad theology, but I believe He was referring to how God will not bless sin in our lives. He even said that, in His own way.

I believe these words are something we all need to hear. This does not mean that you need to “earn” God’s blessings, but He longs to bless those who are obedient to Him! Obedience always results in blessing from Him. What does He ask us to do? Love Him, and love those around us (Mark 12:30-31).

The ultimate blessing from Jesus is closeness to Jesus. To be in the center of His Hands is the safest, most blessed place to be. Do not believe that the absence of God’s discipline in your life is Him saying it’s okay.
Jesus Loves you– if you are running from Him in any area, turn back to Him now! Allow Him to bless you with His Presence. ❤

Learn more about Jesus here!

What Brings Me Peace

Tonight, I watched a special from Netflix on the shroud of Turin. It was fascinating; whether or not it was Jesus, I am unsure, but the person’s body who were imprinted on the cloth went through an evil, painful death full of shed blood, bruising, and unimaginable scarring.

Naturally, it reminded me of how Jesus died. Like the Old Testament testifies to, Christ went through the worst pain imaginable. Our Lord suffered thorns stabbing through His head into His Skull, causing blood to spurt down into His Hair. His back was full of lashings, tearing open His Skin to show the bone and muscle underneath. His Body was blackened and bruised, so marred that one could not tell it was Him (Isaiah 52:4). Most of all, His death caused Him to be temporarily separated from God the Father (Mark 15:34).

Our God went through literally excruciating pain (the word excruciating comes from the word crucifixion1). The pain He went through was unbelievable; and the most crazy thing about it? He didn’t have to. Christ, at any time, could have “called down many legions of angels” and avoided the pain He experienced, but He didn’t (Matthew 26:53)!


So why did He go through such pain? For you and for me. He died that we might live! And this is why I am writing what I am writing tonight. In light of really understanding what Jesus did, one thing becomes clear: Jesus Loves me. And because of this, I can trust Him.

As I struggle with many things, such as why there is so much suffering going on around the world, I know that I can place my full and entire trust on Jesus Christ. Because He died such a death so that I may live with Him forever, I can trust Him in this life. It shows me that He will hold nothing back when it comes to what is for my best and His glory… and knowing that truth is what fills me with Peace.



Do you know Jesus?

Jesus died for all of mankind, but you may be asking, “What for?” Learn more about why Jesus died, and what it means for you and for me, here.

Please pray for…

  • Those who do not yet know Jesus. May His Love become very real to them, and may they give over their lives to Him as Lord and Savior.

Thank You for your prayers!!!

1  http://abhakhetarpal.in/blog/origin-of-the-english-word-excruciating


Prayer for a Friend

Hi friends and followers,

Today is going to be a much more personal post than usual.

I am asking for prayer for a good family friend. While I will not use her real name, she has really been going through it—for a long, long time.

This woman and her husband loves Jesus. In 2016, her husband passed away, leaving behind her and three daughters. She was left with limited funds and has quickly fell into poverty. Many “friends” turned away from her. In the fall of 2017, as she lived in small basement apartment in a sketchy side of town, she was forced by gangsters, at gunpoint, to “tell them where Chico was,” a man she had never met. Her daughters watched the whole thing unfold, and were in danger of being shot, as well.

These traumatic events have left her with severe PTSD. Yet, she still has a strong faith in Jesus, and refuses to give up. She is heartbroken but knows her Savior. She is an amazing, kind-hearted woman; a woman I am beyond blessed to know.

While we haven’t talked in a while, she was put on my heart to pray for, today. Would you pray with me, lifting her up to Jesus? It would mean the world.

Thanks, everybody. Your prayers really are making a difference.

With Love in Christ,


Do you know Jesus?

This is the same Jesus getting my friend through the darkest moments of her life; her life alone testifies to His power, Love, and care. Learn more about this amazing Jesus here.