What to Be Thankful For this Halloween

Did you know that, as of now, 200 million girls have had their genitals mutilated worldwide? In Nigeria, most of those mutilations occur between ages 1-4, but young women up to over 15 years old have had it done (source).
Some women have barely obtained the right to drive a car in some countries. Continue reading

What Is Love?: Remembering Who Jesus Is

Dear Friends and Followers,

Today, I asked myself what love is. I’ve been asking myself this question for awhile, pertaining to some circumstances in my life. I’ve made it a prayer of mine, that I would find out what Love truly is. Continue reading

“Tremble” by Mosaic MSC: The Power of the Name of Jesus

“Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble; Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear.
…Your Name is a Light that the shadows can’t deny. Your Name cannot be overcome!
Your Name is alive, forever lifted high! Your Name cannot be overcome!”
(Tremble by Mosaic MSC)

Hi guys. Following up on my last post about praying against the darkness for the Chibok girls, I wanted to share this powerful song, “Tremble” by Mosaic MSC, showing all that there is no greater, nor more powerful Name than Jesus Christ. I pray it stirs you up to pray for the seemingly impossible, and grants you a whole new vision of who Jesus truly is.


Lastly, let me know if you have any prayer requests by using the contact form on this blog. I would love to pray for and with you about whatever is on your heart. Remember: we serve an awesome God!


Love to you, readers!



There is a darkness all around us. Whether one senses it or not, a spirit of sorrow– of fear, of loneliness, of hopelessness– reigns in the hearts and minds of countless people all over the globe. Daily, we read articles of heartwrenching violence abroad, while locally, the day’s headlines include senseless tragedies, marring the day with disheartening, sober pensiveness.

In nations like Nigeria, Iraq, and inumerable european countries all across the East, this darkness is both strikingly felt and incomprehensibly heavy. With events such as a child suicide bombing committed by a girl as young as seven years old in Nigeria, to the kidnapping of close to 90 christian Assyrians in Syria, the incessant persecution and violence found in these nations are a cause for deep terror in the hearts and minds of people caught in the crossfire. And while the Boko Haram insurgency found in Nigeria and its surrounding nations is being fought back against by a heavy-handed AU Army, the warfare found in Nigeria– as well as across the middle east– is only a symptom, a physical manifestation, of the spiritual warfare occuring all over the planet, every moment of our lives. Continue reading