In October of 2018, Boko Haram threatened to kill Leah Sharibu if their requests for money were not answered. Boko Haram has now relinquished that threat, claiming that they will make Leah “a slave for life” (source).

This news has come out after two humanitarian aides, Hauwa Leman and Saifura Ahmed, were killed by Boko Haram.

Leah has shown amazing dedication and loyalty to Jesus, with a boldness that is rare to see. Please pray with me, that she will be able to get out of Boko Haram’s captivity as soon as possible!

“Dear Lord Jesus,

NOTHING is impossible with You! We lift up dear Leah to You now, and thank You for keeping her alive and safe. We now pray for Leah’s freedom from Boko Haram, and for her testimony to bring You praise!

In Jesus’ Name I pray,

Learn more about Leah here.

Having faith in Jesus is never wasted. Learn more about Jesus, and what He has done for us, here.



War Within, War Without: An Update on Northern Nigeria

I know I have not written about Nigeria in a long time, because I have felt led to post all that I have because of the Holy Spirit’s leading. It’s about time to give an update about what is happening there! Continue reading

News on Leah Sharibu

News has come in that Boko Haram has asked the Nigerian government for 100bn naira (~282k USD, ~250k euros) in exchange for Leah Sharibu’s freedom. While this is great news, the Nigerian government is waivering, believing that Boko Haram could use such money to further terrorize Nigeria.

There is a petition out to free Leah; you can find that here. I will continue to inform readers here as details emerge! Let’s be praying for the freedom of Leah—it could be very close!


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Pray against Evil!!!

On October 18th, it was reported that 700 people have been kidnapped by ISIS—and that ISIS is killing ten of those people a day if they are not supplied with food and medical supplies. ***Correction: ISIS kidnapped the 700 people, not Boko Haram (based in Nigeria).***

While this has been going on, Ms. Hauwa Liman, an aid worker for the International Committee of the Red Cross, was killed by Boko Haram after being held captive for 8 months. It has become very clear that, while Boko Haram may be experiencing some pushback from Nigeria’s military and police force, they mean business in all that they are doing and saying.

This is an incredibly urgent matter! There is no doubt about it: Boko Haram– and most importantly, the evil behind it– must be crushed. That is the only way such pain and anguish will stop. Please, pray with me as Boko Haram is doing this!

More to come!

Let Leah Go!

It has been 235 days since Leah Sharibu was taken, along with 110 other girls, into captivity by Boko Haram.

While 105 of these girls were freed, some passed away, and only Leah was left behind– all because of her unwaivering faith in Christ as she refused to convert to islam.

Let’s pray for this beautiful young woman’s release!


Praying to the God Who Hears

“Please, whoever you are, please,” he cries out.

Up at 3 o’clock in the morning, a man prays to be able to see his family again. Desperation fills his voice as tears run down his cheeks. He hangs his head low. “Do you even care?”

This is the situation countless Nigerians have found themselves in. After their families and loved ones have been attacked and kidnapped by Boko Haram, all those left behind have are pictures and prayers. Continue reading