Help Find Gannon Stauch!



Gannon went missing January 27th.

Please pray for 11-year-old Gannon Stauch and his family! He went missing January 27th in Colorado between 3:15-4pm. His family is asking anyone who knows of his whereabouts to please call the police!

***Please pray with me for his wellbeing, and for him to be found soon! Please pass this along through reposts!!***

Be on the Lookout for Sherlyn!


Please be on the lookout for this girl! From the facebook caption: “I havent seen my daughter since yesterday (4/28) at 330 when I dropped her off at the mall. If anyone knows where she is at or who she is with please let me know.. any little tip helps.. Sherlyn please call me baby girl. I need to know you’re ok.
Jessica Aguilar”

Please pray for her and her family– that she would have a safe and quick return home!

If you see her anywhere, please call the police! 

Thank you!



Please look for Taylor!!


From the facebook post of her cousin:

You guys my cousin Taylor is missing. She lives in Loveland, Colorado. Her car was found behind King Soopers with all of her belongings in it. She’s 16 years old, her last known sighting was at her job on Saturday. Please share the shit out of this. Praying something didn’t happen to her beautiful soul 😢💔

Please pray over and keep an eye out for Taylor! Thank you!

Look for Dakota Cardeilhac

I know I have published a lot of these, but please listen just the same!

From Dakota’s father:

“This is my daughter Dakota Cardeilhac she is a runaway in the Torrington Wyoming area and possibly in Scottsbluff Ne. If you see her please call the police and message me too. Thank you. My phone number is 307 575 4487. She is with her boyfriend Jaden Redder.”

Please pray for and keep on the lookout for Dakota and her boyfriend, Jaden!



Please pray (and look for) Patty Karst!

51691367_1825004340961219_8828828996650139648_nHi Friends and Readers,

I’m asking those around us to be in prayer for a woman who has not been seen since February 9th. Her name is Patty Karst (you can see a picture here). Wherever you are at, please keep a watchful eye out and pray that she would be found soon!

Thank you all!