Helping Those in Ukraine

I am heartbroken over what is going on in Ukraine. People’s lives have been changed forever. The bloodshed will be rampant. I honestly can’t believe this is happening.

You all know well that I advocate for displaced persons in Nigeria. Now that this has happened in Ukraine, my heart is still for them– and so is Christ’s. Well, I have found an email from a very trusted blogger who I subscribe to. She shared a letter from some people in Croatia, which will be an asylum for many of those escaping from Ukraine. Read her letter, and how you can help pray and donate, here. (I donated to the source myself, and do trust and recommend it.)

Right now, it is time for Christ’s Light to shine in this darkness. Let’s make sure these desperate people get the care and providence that they need. Thank you!

In Christ,


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Pray for Me!

Hi guys,

Without going too much into it, I have been dealing with a troublesome time lately. Some people know of it, but I think one can pray without knowing what is going on.

Watching a sermon on prayer, I read James 5:16:

“For this reason, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve.”

James 5:16

Reading this, I am asking all of my followers, friends and family to pray for me as the Lord leads you. It means so much!

In Christ,


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An Unstoppable God: Celebrating Through Song

I heard this song on the radio, and it reminded me of the passion I once had for the work Jesus was (and is) doing in Northern Nigeria, especially with the Chibok girls.

I even made a video about the girls with this song as the soundtrack. While much has changed, Jesus’ power has not. I wanted to go through the lyrics that most encouraged me– and will most encourage you.

Heaven thundered
And the world was born
Life begins and ends in the dust You formed – Jesus is in control, and is in control of Nigeria.
Faith commanded
And the mountains moved
Fear is losing ground, to our hope in You
In all of the pain and anguish found in Nigeria, Jesus is winning. Fear is losing ground to Christ.
Unstoppable God
Let Your glory go on and on
Impossible things
In Your name, they shall be done
” – The “Impossible” thing– freeing the Chibok girls– has been done, with around 200 girls being found and freed!

The rest of the song– the next stanza and chorus– continues to speak of Jesus freeing us and conquering sin and darkness. What an amazing God we serve!

It has been 8 years since the 276 Chibok girls were kidnapped, and there is still much to pray over and see happen from the Lord. But I remember when I would pray, asking that if He were to free even one girl, I would be overjoyed. And here we are, with hundreds of girls FREED!!!

I used to say that if Christ were to free even one girl, I would be overjoyed.

Honestly, I do not look at the evidence of God’s goodness “all over my life” enough… I get legalistic instead of resting in God’s goodness. But here I am, crying over the faithfulness of God!

Just as this song says, “When I called, you answered.” Jesus heard my cry over these girls back in 2014, and has worked mightily. He heard my cry– and still hears it today.

He heard my cry– and still hears it today.

There is still much to pray over for these girls, and for Nigeria in general. There is a lot to be done… but let’s celebrate. In a spirit of celebration and thanksgiving, let’s jam to this song!!! We serve an unstoppable God!!!

With Love, to all of my Friends & Followers,


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