Shootings in Chicago

Over Labor Day weekend alone, 43 people in Chicago were shot—and 8 died. This was not a mass shooting, but rather at least 20 different shootings between gangs, drive-bys, and other violent situations. Continue reading


via URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Healing for Chelsea Taylor

UPDATE: According to FaithWire, Chelsea has been given the all-clear from her surgeons! She may need a few more procedures due to fluid in her lungs and the risk of collapsed arteries, but she is doing well!! PRAISE JESUS!!

Prayer for those in Hurricane Dorian

In this fallen world (made fallen by us), huge events, namely Hurrican Dorian, are going on.

Hurricane Dorian is getting closer to Florida. Please pray with me, that the people of Florida would be protected, and that it wouldn’t do too much damage!

Want to help? You can donate to Gleaning for the World, a charity that Charity Navigator claims is very reputable. Donate to them here.

Jesus is in control– and though the world is fallen and broken, He is the answer to all the chaos. Learn more about Jesus, and all He’s done, here.

To Give One’s Life for One’s Friends

He stood before the people, giving dismal, daunting news to those listening. “In total more than 37 aid workers have lost their lives in service of humanity since the beginning of the conflict,” Mr. Peter Ekayu, United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Activities (UN-OCHA), said. Continue reading