UPDATE: For Ukraine — Link to Non-profit

Hello all!

I finally found the link to the people who are trying their best to practically help those in Ukraine. I just simply wanted to share the link here, in case anyone wants to donate to it. You can find the nonprofit here. I have not donated to the nonprofit myself– I decided to donate to a different nonprofit– I trust this site enough to talk about it here.

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Helping Those in Ukraine

I am heartbroken over what is going on in Ukraine. People’s lives have been changed forever. The bloodshed will be rampant. I honestly can’t believe this is happening.

You all know well that I advocate for displaced persons in Nigeria. Now that this has happened in Ukraine, my heart is still for them– and so is Christ’s. Well, I have found an email from a very trusted blogger who I subscribe to. She shared a letter from some people in Croatia, which will be an asylum for many of those escaping from Ukraine. Read her letter, and how you can help pray and donate, here. (I donated to the source myself, and do trust and recommend it.)

Right now, it is time for Christ’s Light to shine in this darkness. Let’s make sure these desperate people get the care and providence that they need. Thank you!

In Christ,


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