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  • Haunted Eyes: A Poem

    Haunted Eyes: A Poem

    Hey friends, I wrote this poem after seeing a news headline about Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, declare that “no territory is controlled by Boko Haram.” Let’s pray for those still being held captive by their own strongholds. Muhammadu, you say that your enemy has no stronghold, is close to being defeated. Have you looked into […]

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  • When Under Attack: Praying for Maiduguri

    They awoke to the sound of explosions. Repelled by the Nigerian army, Boko Haram’s suicide bombers aimed for soft targets: the people of Ajilari Cross area in Maiduguri city, the capitol of Borno State, Nigeria. The aftermath of such an attack was horrendous; amidst “body parts on [homes]” and “people running helter-skelter,” as two survivors put […]

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