Urgent Personal Prayer Request


A family member of mine, whom we will call H, has been having very severe stomach issues for the past 3 weeks. She cannot even keep broth down without it burning her throat and stomach. The only sustenance she can have at this point is the nutrition given through IVs at the hospital, which she has been in and out of for the past several weeks.

Doctors still have little to no idea what is causing this pain, and it’s so frustrating and concerning. Please pray that today, as H is in the ER once again, that her doctors would be able to pinpoint what is causing this and that she would be provided relief. Thank you!

Do you know Jesus?

…And by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:3, NKJV)

Jesus is with us in the darkest of times; He never leaves our side. Learn more about Jesus, and His Love for you, here.

Urgent Prayer Request

Hi all,

I am asking for a personal, urgent prayer request today. A sister in Christ is experiencing suicidal thoughts and has even created a plan for the suicide. It is breaking the hearts of her family and all her loved ones. Please pray over her, that Christ would intervene and that He would heal her mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“Dear Jesus,
You know this woman completely. Even something as shocking and scary as this does not shock You. We thank You that You are good, and that You are Sovereign. 
Thank You for never changing, Jesus. We pray now over this woman, that You would heal her completely, in every way. Give her family and loved ones wisdom, knowledge and guidance to do what is best for her. May we continue to pray for her.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Thank you friends. Please keep praying.