Part 1 of 2: The Living Water

She walked through the desolate, barren land of a village in Africa. Surrounded by an entourage including translators, volunteers, and haggard-looking men, women, and children, she strode through the dust, her pale skin sharply contrasted with the dark brown skin all around her. Continue reading

Part 2 of 2: Staying Near the River of Living Water

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If I am honest, I a lot of the time do not run straight to Jesus to fill me up– and a lot of the time, I foolishly blame Him for the lack of fulfillment I feel in those other “cisterns.” It’s hard, because many different desires we have are Godly, and God-given; yet, they can become our “all in all” so quickly. What causes us to turn from Christ so quickly (or come to Him last)? Continue reading