Puerto Rico, six months after Hurricane Maria, still have no electrical power.

Lives have been changed. People have been shook up. Many people who were once vibrant members of Puerto Rico’s various villages, towns, and cities have passed away, either due directly to the Hurricane or because of the aftermath. 55 people have died, according to the “official count,” but the real death toll– coming from this lack of electricity and sometimes water– has been counted in the hundreds1. Read this compelling, poignant article on the subject, here.

Please pray that Puerto Rico, especially those places hit hard such as Corozal and Yabucoa, would be able to have their power restored, soon; and that Jesus would carry them through this darkness and time of need.

Thank you!

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No matter what is happening all around us, Jesus is the “Light of the World”– and He has overcome it all. Learn more about the true victory there is in Christ, here.