“Any nation that mistreats people who obey God will be punished, regardless of how invincible they appear.”
— Commentary on Obadiah 21

“God is the God of all comfort… so even if you are vulnerable and get hurt, you are not alone in that. Jesus is the ultimate comforter, and He will break your fall.”

— A Very Wise Sister in the Lord

“There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.”
(Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail”)
This is how I feel towards the fact that the remaining Chibok girls have not been freed, yet. A mixture of love, disappointment, and longing.
But thank You, dear Jesus, for placing this deep love for them inside my heart– even if it means I am sometimes deeply disappointed.
Bring them home soon, Lord Jesus.
In Jesus’ Name I pray,
Learn more about Jesus, and His Great Love, by clicking here.

“God cares for the weak and the needy. …We should identify with God’s attitude. His work is not done until we care for the needs of the poor.”
(Commentary on Psalm 12:5, in the Life Application Study Bible)

Hi friends,
Christ has a passionate heart for those who are marginalized, oppressed, and victimized. With this in mind, I wanted to highlight and bring into focus different charities that help those being oppressed and displaced in Northern Nigeria. Please, do not give out of obligation or burden; if you do feel led to give to one of these charities, please let me know so that I can observe how helpful this resource is to readers. You can find the link here.

As always, thanks again for all your support, and most importantly, prayers!!!



Do you know Jesus?

When speaking about how we should be generous, I think it is important to not fill people with a sense of religiosity or obligation; after all, the Bible even says we should not give under compulsion, but what the Believer decides in their hearts to give (2 Corinthians 9:7).

When keeping in mind the principle of giving, it is also important (much more so) to remember what we have been given, through Jesus giving His Life for us. Learn more about how Jesus gave His Life, and what it means for you, here.

“When ‘grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ,’ a long awaited revolution of the heart began to set religious captives free. Fearful bondage motivated by guilt was replaced with a fresh motivation to follow Him in truth simply out of a deep devotion and delight. Rather than focusing on the accomplishments of the flesh, He spoke of the heart.”
(The Grace Awakening by Charles R. Swindoll, Chapter 1: Grace: It’s Really Amazing!)

In this day and age, human trafficking is not something that only happens in far-off, “crooked third world countries” (as if the US was any less crooked). With stories such as this one coming out yesterday, talking about a woman in Texas who was drugged, kidnapped, and shackled to a bed so that she could be a cleaning slave, reality becomes painfully obvious: human trafficking is prevalent everywhere.

Today, as January– Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness Month– is coming to an end, I encourage you to 1) Realize and receive God’s grace and freedom for your lives; and 2) pray for those still in physical bondage, like the woman in Texas. Most importantly, please pray against people’s spiritual bondage, to dead, works-based religion. To help give you ways to pray, you can pray for some of the top countries with Human Trafficking problems: Thailand, Spain, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Guatemala, among many others.

To learn more about how you can help end Human Trafficking, visit “The U COUNT Campaign”‘s website.

Do you know Jesus?

Romans 6:16 says, “Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living.” Whether or not you believe that you are a slave to something, the Truth is that Jesus died to set us free.
Learn more about Jesus– and what He came to free you from– here.